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Generating Leads Is PAIN In The ASS

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What if you could Find VERIFIED prospects and Leads in any niche with a click of a button?

Instant Access To MILLIONS of FRESH Leads On-Demand


Millions Of Leads At Your Fingertips: With 1 Click

All the Information For Your Leads:

  1. Business Type/Niche (Realtor, Church, Salon, Chiropractor etc)
  2. Business Name
  3. Owners Personal Email
  4. Business Full Address
  5. City, State & Zip
  6. Phone Number & Fax Number
  7. Website

With AlphaLeads You Will Be Able To:

How Ted Made $58,000+ More After Purchasing AlphaLeads..

Ted L.
Marketer Based In Dallas, TX

Ted is a 43 year old man with 3 kids and a wife,  He operates a one man marketing agency helping local dentists around Dallas & suburbs.

He was spending $200-300 a day on running ads on FB and Google.   He was paying about  $50 per successful lead capture,  but most leads would not respond to his calls/emails.   He was just burning money. 


We let him try AlphaLeads free of charge for 30 days and on 11th day he called us  asking how he can pay to keep the software.   He revealed that he had closed deal worth over  $58k in last 7 days.    He said he had stopped spending money on lead generation.

AlphaLocal Leads worked for Ted & it will work for you!     If it doesn’t work,  you can just get your full refund.  Nothing to lose!

How Leads Are Generated & Updated?

Leads are generated using the proprietary API that allows us to access new businesses in real-time, from the city, ‘s around the United States.


The leads are updated every week with new businesses from all around the United States.


Call Your Leads With Built-In Dialer

Incoming and Outgoing calls are powered using TWILIO.    Twilio is a 3rd party API that you can use to make and receive phone calls.     Tutorials will explain how to use this if you want to. This is optional but you can use if you want.

Powerful Lead Finder Tool

Set your parameters of what you want to find & the System Will Find It For You By searching millions of leads available. Search by type, company, email, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and more.

How Can I Make Money Using LeadAlpha?

Sell Them Digital Marketing

You can sell services like SEO , FB ads & other marketing services to them.  They opted to receive promotions.

Become "Leads Guy"

You have millions of leads at your fingertips. You can sell them to other clients or businesses.    Everyone will think you are so cool but only you will now the secret.   You will become “The Alpha”

Call Them

You have their phone number so you can call them up and start selling them your product or service.   You can use your own phone or use the built-in phone system!

Email Them

You have a business owner’s personal email, so you can reach out to them as well to promote your service.   Add the leads to your Autoresponder and start  making that moolah!

Text Them

SMS marketing is growing. You can text them or better yet, send a mass SMS to your leads.     These are personal owner’s numbers so you re gonna be directly reaching on their phone.

Retargeting Ads

Upload a group or list of leads to Facebook audience and run targeted ads.   This is perfect way to do your brand awareness.   If you did such campaign with no leads,  you would be paying thousands of dollars!

Direct Marketing

You have their information so you can contact them directly and start selling.    Direct Marketing is still one of the best ways to convert in industries like Insurance, Finance etc

Direct Marketing Leads

You can sell leads to direct marketing companies that are looking for leads.    You will become “The Alpha”.  Because of you.

Monetize Any Niche

With access to this software,  you will become the MASTER of leads.  You have access to leads for EVERYONE.  You can enter any niche with confidence that you GOT the LEADS!

^ And More! I am sure you have other ideas too!
Possibilities Are Endless...

See Demo Of AlphaLeads

Features That Put MORE money In Your Pockets!

Unlimited Leads

You have access to all the leads in the system. When we update with more leads weekly, you will have instant access to those as well.

Unlimited Search

Want to do as many searches as you can? No problem! Search as much as you want. We don’t hold you back.

Segment & Export

You can segment your leads into multiple groups & Export them out into a excel .csv file to import to autoresponders. 

Make & Receive Phone Calls

Make and receive phone calls directly from AlphaLeads dashboard.  You don’t need your phone.   ( Uses Twilio)

Freshly Updated

All leads are updated weekly and sometimes daily depending on when our APIs receive the data.  


Our platform is super easy to use but we have tutorials & support in place just in case you need it.


Get lead’s name, personal email, phone number, business name, full address (city, state, zip code), fax number, website, & more

Verfied Data

Our data is verified daily and comes from reputable APIs that were set up by us. 

Premium Support

Forgot password? The system not working properly? Don’t worry. We got you. We are here to help.

Find Ideal Buyers

With our advance yet simple to use lead search filters,  you will be able to find leads in SPECIFIC industry that you want.     You can also filter them out with State, Zip, City & even Sub- categories.  ( ie.  Lawyer > Immigration Lawyer > Corporate Lawyer etc)

You will be able to find ideal prospects who are more likely to convert.

Fresh Verified Leads

New leads are added on the system almost everyday,  but usually they are done in weekly.

Leads go thru third part api to verify that they are real business,  their contact information is correct.     These people are the REAL DEAL.   Think about the products/services you can sell to them.  

Do I have to be US to use this data?

United States is the BIGGEST consumer of services. You don't need to be in US to market to US Businesses. US data is GOLDMINE.

Hear What Our Customer Say:

“David loves the fact how fast you can get a Return On Investment on this Instantly

“Nick was able to cut his FaceBook ad spending by almost 75% after using this product”

Meet The man Behind AlphaLeads

Satish Gaire is a World Class marketer.  He & his team are based in Dallas, Texas.  He has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazines.    He has been in the marketing & software business for 11 years.    He believes in providing exceptional value for his customers.

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Simple Pricing & Plans:

All Accounts Come With UNLIMITED Searches. The only difference is how many leads you can EXPORT out of system. ( We recommend UNLIMITED PRO)


AlphaLead Standard


unlimited pro

AlphaLead Unlimited PRO

P.S.  With the purchase of AlphaLeads,  you will have so much LEADS on your hands that you won’t know what to do with, 
you will be so busy closing deals, making money.   
This product is a life-changer!

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

1. Where is data coming from?
Data is coming from local clerk offices around the US via an API.

2. How often are New leads added?
Most of the APIs send new leads in weekly basis but some send it daily.     

3. How are lead verified?
We run the information to make sure that it’s a real business, all name,email,ph are real & work.

4.  What can i do with leads?
The businesses have OPTED-IN to receive promotions, so you can promote/sell them whatever you like.

5. What if i don’t like Alpha Leads?
Np.   You are backed by 30 days of no question asked money back guarantee! 

6.  What kind of Niches does it have?
EVERY Niche You can Imagine. If a niche you want is not there, we will give a full refund.

7. Can I download the leads?
Yes,  You can download the leads into your computer as a .csv file ( Open using Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers , Text Editor etc)

8.  What is the diffrence between 2 plans?
Standard plan allows you to download 10,000 Leads a month,  Unlimited PRO has no limits.  We recommend Unlimited PRO

9. Is there support Included?

Yes,  We are just an email away.  We are here to help you solve issues with products.

10.  Can i upload leads to Autoresponder?
Yes,  You are free to do whatever you wish with the leads.   Upload it to your autoresponder, sms marketing etc.


This purchase is RISK FREE.   You have 30 days to use the platform as much as you like without any restrictions.   If you do not like or think this platform did not add value to your business,  simply email us at & we will  give you a FULL refund & you can keep the bonus!   This software has leads of ANY niche you can think of!   Use our system without risking your money for 30 days,  In 30 days if you think this software was not worth money,  just reach out to us and we will send you a prompt 100% Refund back.    

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